A platform for enterprise grade generative AI applications

Build, deploy and manage next-generation AI powered business process workflows. Effortlessly connect to your existing systems, APIs and 3rd party applications and services.

A modular, plug and play architecture that gives you full flexibility

Select the infrastructure and model provider of your choice and seamlessly switch to a different infrastructure provider as you see fit.

Connect to your existing enterprise IT systems

Cascade Platform’s rich suite of connectors & agents enables enterprises to effortlessly connect to their existing systems, APIs and 3rd party applications and services.

Monitor the health and performance of the system

Cascade’s end to end monitoring and dashboards allow users to easily manage and monitor system health and performance. Quickly review logs, diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

Select the AI model of your choice

Cascade supports commercial, open source and private AI models. Select the model of your choice and or bring your own AI model.

Cascade empowers enterprises to integrate AI with the existing IT infrastructure in a way that is secure, scalable, compliant and easy to manage.

With Cascade enterprises can achieve reuse, standardization and compliance with existing enterprise best practices.

Enterprise ready

Allows to reuse your existing IT assets


Aligned with existing enterprise best practices


End-to-to end monitoring of the project

Get ready for your digital transformation with Cascade

Cascade enables businesses to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape and to stay ahead in a dynamic business environment

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